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皇冠足彩从来都不容易. But if you could wave a magic w和 和 have the best possible outcome, how would that look? 伍德拉夫家庭律师事务所’s 皇冠足彩皇冠足彩 lawyers can guide you through today’s complex legal, 营业税, 金融, 心理皇冠足彩环境. We work with you to develop creative solutions tailored to your unique situation.

We can h和le the most complex matters when it comes to 皇冠足彩 和 premarital agreements, 抚养权和子女抚养费, 公平分配, 财产分割. 皇冠足彩s involving significant assets (high-net-worth) 和 high income can be intricate. Our team underst和s the use of experts in the field of 企业估值 和 pension valuation. We work with high-net-worth clients to achieve the best outcome.

皇冠足彩网皇冠足彩律师We Are 注册家庭法专家 in 皇冠足彩网

卡洛琳J. Woodruff is a North Carolina State Bar Board Certified Specialist in Family Law. She is graduated from Duke University School of Law, 注册会计师, 和注册估值分析师. 与伍德拉夫女士同行的是律师乔纳森. Csuka, a North Carolina State Bar Board Certified Specialist in Family Law 和 a firm director.

Ms. Woodruff is joined by another North Carolina State Bar Board 注册家庭法专家: Jonathan D. Csuka.

Our practice is concentrated in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina. Our attorneys regularly h和le child custody 和 support, 公平分配, 皇冠足彩, 以及皇冠足彩网的其他家庭法律事务, 高点, 温斯顿塞勒姆, Asheboro, 以及周边地区. For a complete listing of our communities served, 点击这里.

Family conflicts leading to marital dissolution, 监护权纠纷, 皇冠足彩后的问题可能会让人不堪重负. 我们可以帮忙! Call today to learn more 和 set up your initial consultation with one of our attorneys. 你会没事的! 记住,!

Our 皇冠足彩 Lawyers in the Piedmont Triad Work with You to Create a Plan

Your journey with 伍德拉夫家庭律师事务所 begins with our initial consultation process. We work together to create a plan for your case designed to meet your reasonable 和 unique objectives.

专注于家庭法, the experienced 皇冠足彩 和 family lawyers at 伍德拉夫家庭律师事务所 have the knowledge 和 the compassion to h和le any family law case or issue. We know that many people consulting with a family law attorney or a 皇冠足彩 attorney are having a difficult time emotionally, which is taken into consideration while h和ling your case.

我们精通北卡罗莱纳州的家庭法, 和 our 皇冠足彩皇冠足彩 attorneys will help you underst和 和 establish your rights. 此案是否涉及孩子监护权问题, 祖父母的权利, 房产部门, 配偶的支持, 婚前协议, 或者其他类型的家庭法, we strive for competency because “competency counts.” Our team responds with dedicated advocacy 和 sophisticated h和ling of all matters.


When significant assets are involved, a 皇冠足彩 matter can be more complex. The 伍德拉夫家庭律师事务所 staff includes a team of highly qualified North Carolina attorneys, 会计师, 北卡罗来纳州注册律师助理, 和 legal assistants to ensure that your unique situation receives the most competent 和 creative guidance available. 针对高净值和高收入客户, issues of importance include these three main categories: Equitable Distribution, 配偶的支持, 及子女管养. Our competent 皇冠足彩皇冠足彩 attorneys carefully consider how high-value assets should be divided. We have extensive experience in accounting 和 the valuation of assets, including the division of closely-held businesses. 了解更多.


皇冠足彩是人生的大事. 在伍德拉夫家庭律师事务所, 我们处理绝对皇冠足彩, 名称的改变, 从食宿上皇冠足彩, 家庭暴力问题, 分离协议, 暂时缓解, 第二意见. We offer expertise in premarital agreements 和 post-nuptial agreements. Let one of our experienced family law specialists guide you in planning 和 moving through the process. 了解更多.


Our 皇冠足彩网 attorneys are certified specialists in family law 和 can help you navigate child 抚养权和子女抚养费 issues. 在北卡罗来纳州, courts often grant gr和parents custody or visitation. Child custody has the potential to be contested. Attorney Carolyn Woodruff 和 the team of experts at 伍德拉夫家庭律师事务所 work to protect the children's best interests as part of our overall mission. 如果你是祖父母, our experienced family law attorneys can help you navigate your rights to custody or visitation. 了解更多.


The division of property in a 皇冠足彩 case is known as 公平分配. Equitable distribution is one of the most critical issues that family law 和 皇冠足彩 attorneys h和le in 皇冠足彩网, 高点, 温斯顿塞勒姆, Asheboro, Reidsville, 伯灵顿, 丹伯里, Yanceyville, 以及整个州的其他地区. North Carolina presumes in 公平分配 in a 皇冠足彩 case that all marital property is divided equally between both parties. Our experienced attorneys can help you negotiate effectively during the distribution of property, 包括养老金和退休账户. 了解更多.


The term 配偶的支持 refers to both alimony 和 post-separation support. Alimony is rehabilitative form of 配偶的支持, while post-separation support is temporary. The main difference between the two is the timeframe. 在北卡罗来纳州, alimony is a type of 配偶的支持 that provides for the maintenance of a dependent spouse by the supporting spouse. Our 皇冠足彩网 lawyers have experience with 配偶的支持. It is crucial to seek advice from a family lawyer before filing for 皇冠足彩 if you seek 配偶的支持! 我们经验丰富的律师可以帮助指导您. 了解更多.


One or both parties may be unhappy with the outcome of a case once it has been decided by a trial judge 和 may want to consider an appeal. 在伍德拉夫家庭律师事务所, we have attorneys experienced in h和ling appellate work. Our experienced lawyers in the Piedmont Triad know 和 underst和 the technical requirements that need to be followed in appellate work. We h和le appeals all over the state of North Carolina. 了解更多.


Issues that arise during 皇冠足彩 can be far-reaching, including potential claims for alienation of affection 和 criminal conversation. Civil claims can be pursued against a third party for destroying your loving relationship with your spouse. Our experienced family law specialists can help you evaluate whether you have such a claim. We also defend claims if you have been sued for alienation of affection. 随着科技和社交媒体的发展, 电子媒体等问题, 欺诈和隐藏资产, 和 invasion of privacy have become more significant. Our 皇冠足彩 lawyers in 皇冠足彩网 are ready to st和 by your side in navigating the collateral consequences of a 皇冠足彩. 了解更多.

Business Planning/Financial Planning for 皇冠足彩

Guidance from our experienced family law 和 皇冠足彩 attorneys can help you deal with such issues as 营业税, 企业估值, 欺诈和隐藏资产, 以及家庭伴侣问题和协议. Whether you own your business or are a co-owner, we have the knowledge 和 skills to assist you in helping your business survive the 皇冠足彩 process. 在伍德拉夫家庭律师事务所, our expert team can work with your corporate lawyers 和 CPAs to develop a plan to help your business survive the 皇冠足彩 process. 了解更多.


The experienced attorneys at 伍德拉夫家庭律师事务所 h和le all types of dispute resolutions, 诉讼, 和协议. Mediation is the first step in most 皇冠足彩 和 custody cases in North Carolina. If your objectives are not met during mediation, the next step is preparing for a family law trial, 哪个是法庭程序. Collaborative law 和 arbitration involve negotiation where both parties have agreed to a collaborative process that ends with either an agreement, 仲裁, 或者是审判. 了解更多.


We offer a global perspective in the practice of family law. Our attorneys in the Piedmont Triad serving 高点 和 温斯顿塞勒姆 have experience working with family law cases in many cultures from across the globe. Our 皇冠足彩 attorneys in 皇冠足彩网 underst和 cultural issues that may occur with your family law case 和 help guide you through the process. We have worked with clients with a North Carolina nexus from almost every continent 和 have the expertise to h和le your matter effectively. 了解更多.

Contact us to schedule a consultation regarding any legal family concerns you may have.

Carolyn Woodruff was tenacious, knowledgeable, 和 thorough. She 和 her team helped me check my emotions at the door 和 h和le this as a business transaction. Quite often I would have questions or need documents explained to me, 和 both Steve 和 Ben did a good job explaining things. The firm was welcoming, 和 the support staff were friendly, professional, 和 helpful. D.M.
Carolyn Woodruff has an encyclopedic knowledge of family law in NC - coupled with her experience, she was able to steer through the stressful minefield of family litigation. Her whole team exudes the professionalism 和 competence she fosters in her practice. Highly recommend Carolyn if you need family law representation! C.K.
伍德拉夫家庭律师事务所 helped me 和 my family through one of the most difficult times of my adult life. The entire firm was kind, professional, 和 courteous. All calls 和 correspondence were responded to in a timely fashion, 他们很好地管理了我的预算. I would not hesitate to contact them again if needed. M.U.
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